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YearB.com Domain For Sale

YearB.com is registered at Godaddy and expires on Jun 24th, 2016. Price (negotiable): $2159.

Brand Info


Brand Uses:
Second chances, recovery, businesses or areas starting with B, like 'Babies', 'Business', 'Blockbusters', etc. B letter can also stand for 'Big', 'Best', 'Bulk', etc.
What you get:
- You become the new owner of the domain name.
- You will also receive the example logo in the following file types:
   .EPS, .JPG, .PNG and .TIF
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Domain Info
ID: 155 Upper: YEARB.COM Lower: yearb.com
Domain Extension: .com Website: N/A Registration: Jun 25th, 2015 Expiration: Jun 24th, 2016
Category: LLLLL.com, BRANDABLE Registrar: Godaddy Domain Length: 5 Price: $2159
Description: LLLLL.com - Five letter .com domain name. One English word and one
letter. B can stand for a lot of things! Very brandable! More at
Keywords: lllll.com, lllll, year, short, short domain
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